Jessica Karjala Endorses John Mues

Jessica Karjala of Billings and Yellowstone County issued the following statement today, officially endorsing the candidacy of John Mues to serve as Montana’s next U.S. Senator, replacing extreme right-wing U.S. Senator Steve Daines.


Though my endorsement may come as one of many, I am asking my supporters and Montana voters to throw their support and vote behind John Mues. He is the kind of U.S. Senator Montana needs. When you combine his credentials with his passion for Montana and commitment to its citizens, John Mues stands out as the candidate I trust to serve us best.

Upon meeting John Mues and asking him a few questions he struck me as intelligent, composed and humble. At the same time John can think on his feet and is tough enough to successfully take on our junior U.S. Senator. Not only does Mues have deep knowledge of current policy and political challenges, he also provided thoughtful replies to the difficult questions I asked him.

When asked what made him think he deserved our vote, John acknowledged the problem of privilege, then told us that he came from a humble background. He added that after he was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy, he chose to teach high school English and math for two years of differentiated service to country on the Ft. Belknap Indian Reservation where he helped build programs that encourage student success and recognition in one of Montana’s highest needs schools.

As John spoke about his time teaching it became apparent that he shares as much passion for teaching and serving kids in Montana as he does for serving the country as an active duty U.S. Naval Academy- commissioned nuclear submarine officer, where John was four times deployed overseas. Due to his service to both county and to our youth, John Mues also possesses a depth of diversity that is deepened by his experience growing up and living in many parts of Montana. As well, he has worked as a senior engineer in the energy sector and earned a MBA from the London Business School.

Few people I have met can claim such a depth of experience and expertise with such a diverse resume. His campaign style is reaching out to his constituent base so that he can listen and learn what they would like to see from him. In fact, he persisted in his efforts in the midst of some incredible challenges. The fact that John was able to prioritize his newborn son, Leo and his wife, Claudia, when Leo was born prematurely is perhaps, what impresses me most about John. He did not hesitate to tell everyone his family came first. And yet, in the face of adversity, John has persisted and continues to impress.