Dorothy Bradley Endorsement Announcement

As all of you know, Dorothy Bradley is one of the premier and most compelling figures in Montana history and a genuine thought leader.  A great American. I am HONORED by her endorsement of my U.S. Senate candidacy.  I will tirelessly and effectively serve ALL Montanans, independent of background, as our next U.S. Senator from … Continued

The Missoulian
Daines comments damage Montana

An open letter to U.S. Sen. Steve Daines:
Recently, Senator Daines, you called four young newly elected congresswomen of color — Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib — on Twitter, “Anti-American” and “Anti-Semite”. Rather than retract your statement, you then went onto Fox News, doubled down, and even threw around the word “terrorist.”
A U.S. senator’s words can have real meaning. Given your position, a number of people follow and trust you. In your epithets against these women — on Twitter and Fox News — you have effectively called for action, even violence, against them. After all, according to you, they are “Anti-American,” “Anti-Semite” and somehow connected with terrorism.
Yet, these women have done absolutely nothing wrong. Their perspectives on public policy are different than yours because of the diversity and inequities of the communities that they represent. But they are each as American as you or me, and they love their country every bit as much as we do. I would know, as I served as an Annapolis-commissioned naval officer alongside brave Americans from a multitude of backgrounds, whose diversity improved our teams’ effectiveness. In contrast, you have put these young women in harm’s way.
This is not an outlying example, senator. You have turned a blind eye towards neo-Nazis and neo-fascists marching in Charlottesville, though countless American World War II soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen perished vanquishing the Third Reich, and though a young woman was murdered at the march by one of the neo-Nazis; the president’s borrowing of a phrase used by the Soviet Union’s Stalin to characterize the media as the “enemy of the people,” thus chilling free speech and placing journalists in our country and around the world in grave danger; the murder of an American-based journalist by Saudi Arabia, an oppressive regime which was then rewarded by retrograde policies you support; U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte’s body-slamming of a journalist for simply asking why he, as you, supports taking away affordable healthcare coverage from countless Montanans and other Americans; the president’s siding with Vladimir Putin, a former Soviet-era KGB officer, over our own intelligence agencies, with which I’ve worked; and, the 20-plus credible women whom have accused the president of sexual harassment or worse.
One’s voting and policy advocacy record is also a window into one’s character.
Yours has done damage to Montana and the United States. For instance, in this age of unprecedented economic inequality, you voted for a tax bill that widens that gap between the absolute wealthiest in America and the vast majority of us, straining our democracy. You voted to blow a multi-trillion-dollar hole through the nation’s pocketbook in order to give your major donors permanent tax cuts. You voted to transfer money from Montanan and American taxpayers into the pockets of wealthy foreign investors. You voted to cut Medicare and Social Security, though our seniors in Montana and throughout our country are already struggling. You supported President Trump’s withdrawal from both the Paris climate accords and the Iranian nuclear deal, seemingly doing the bidding of Saudi Arabia, which encouraged both actions. You voted for “short-term plans,” essentially fake insurance plans, in order to sabotage what little health care Montanans and Americans already have. You support President Trump’s trade war without having any end game and having trashed the international alliances we need to effectively stand up to China, hurting our farmers and ranchers.
I look forward to debating our competing visions in the coming months. Until then, I ask that you consider this open letter and be a better representative of Montana through your term. Thank you,
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Great Falls Tribune
Mues enters 2020 U.S. Senate race

John Mues, a fourth-generation Montanan, announced Thursday he is in the 2020 race as a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat now held by GOP Sen. Steve Daines. “I’m running because we need leaders who are tough, have integrity, and who want to improve the lives of all Montanans, not just the most fortunate,” Mues said in his campaign literature.

He joins Democrat Wilmot Collins, a Liberian refugee who is now mayor of Helena, in the race.  The primary is June 2, 2020 and the general election is Nov. 3, 2020.

Mues and wife Claudia live near Loma. They are expecting their first child later this year.

Muse, 45, said he has worked in the energy sector for 11 years as a senior engineer. He has a master’s in business administration from the London Business School. Mues also graduated from the U.S. Naval academy  and trained as a submarine warfare officer and nuclear engineer.

"I love my home state of Montana,” Mues said in a telephone interview discussing his decision to run. “I love my country and I have the qualifications to make a major positive difference in the lives of all Montanans, not just the economically elite.”

He listed job creation as his No. 1 issue, saying there are “unprecedented levels of economic inequality” in Montana. He said infrastructure and broadband improvements were needed. And he said there needs to be investments in the education system to make sure teachers are paid what they deserve.

Other priorities as listed on campaign literature include affordable and accessible health care, veterans care, national service programs in which people can give back to their country and clean energy.

The Montana Republican Party on Thursday called Mues "yet another Democrat running in Montana to represent the radical left and their socialist agenda of open borders, free health care for illegal immigrants, taking away our gun rights, and bankrupting our nation with single payer health care and the Green New Deal.

MT GOP chair Don Kaltschmidt said Mues would oppose President Donald Trump’s policies.

"We're proud to see Sen. Daines work alongside President Trump to always put Montana first," he said.

Mues said that statement underscored how concerned Daines is about re-election.

“Let's talk about facts and not propaganda,” Mues said, adding Daines “needs to be concerned.

A spokeswoman for Daines said “Steve looks forward to having thoughtful conversations during this campaign on how to best protect our Montana way of life and create good-paying Montana jobs.”

Mues campaign literature notes he grew up in a single-family household in Helena, Deer Lodge and Wolf Point. He said that shortly after being honorably discharged from the Navy, he used a teaching certificate that he got through Montana State University and Troops-for-Teachers program teaching on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation for two years.

Mues talked briefly about a drowning accident in June in which a film producer died at Canyon Ferry Lake while shooting a campaign video for Mues.

“It was an accident,” he said, adding Montanans are no strangers to tragedy and called the death “absolutely heartbreaking.”

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Yellowstone Public Radio
Second Montana Democrat Enters U.S. Senate Race

A second Montana Democrat has announced a campaign for U.S. Senate. The 2020 election will be John Mues first foray into politics. The engineer, former teacher and Navy veteran from Loma, Montana says he’s running to address the largest economic inequality in U.S. history. "When you have levels of inequality like this it starts to erode and destroy our democracy. Politics are up for sale." In an interview Thursday, Mues took swings at incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Steve Daines while promoting improvements to job creation, infrastructure, hi-speed internet access, vocational education and affordable health care. Last month, a film producer accidentally drowned in Canyon Ferry Lake while shooting a campaign ad for Mues. He says he decided to continue his candidacy after hearing from supporters. "Look, we're no strangers to tragedy. At the end of the day I took on board what so many folks from Montana had to say and it is the right thing to do to move forward to make sure U.S. Senate is in good hands." Mues joins Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins in seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Daines. Read More

Billings Gazette
Democrat John Mues joins U.S. Senate race

John Mues, a Navy veteran and engineer who works in the energy field, announced Thursday he’s running for U.S. Senate in 2020. Mues is the second Democrat to join the race to run against incumbent U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, a Republican who is seeking his second term. Wilmot Collins, who has been mayor of Helena since the start of 2018, is also running in the Democratic primary. No Republicans have said they’ll challenge Daines. In launching his campaign, Mues, a fourth-generation Montanan, put Daines clearly in his sights, saying he is determined the incumbent won't go without a serious challenger in 2020. “I'm running for U.S. Senate because I love my home state of Montana. I love my country. I have the qualifications to make a major positive difference in the lives of all Montanans, not just the economically elite," Mues said this week. "And Sen. Daines in my opinion, is the worst senator in my lifetime and unfit to hold public office based on his voting record and his values, which are not in sync with Montana.” Mues said one of his primary issues if elected would be preserving and improving the Affordable Care Act. If elected, one of the first things he'd want to do is no longer allow short-term health care plans. In 2018 the Trump administration extended the amount of time for which such plans — which do not have to comply with ACA requirements such as guaranteed coverage of pre-existing conditions — could be offered. Education is another focus for Mues. He called for increasing options for vocational education, as well as more funding and better teacher pay for K-12 educators. “I believe education is at the root of everything. In Montana, we have so many mechanically and electrically inclined students on farms and ranches in the small towns like I grew up in. What an incredible competitive advantage for Montana if we can train these kids at the next level,” Mues said. "If we get education right, so many other things fall into place." Mues served in the U.S. Navy for seven years as an active duty nuclear submarine officer. While in the Navy, he participated in the Troops-to-Teachers program and earned a teaching certificate at Montana State University. He then taught for two years on the Fort Belknap Reservation. After that, he earned a master's degree in business administration from the London Business School, and now works as a senior engineer in the energy sector. He and his wife live near Loma and are expecting their first child this year. Mues said his experience working as an engineer on everything from zero-emission fuel cells and wind and solar projects, to oil and gas and nuclear power, puts him in a position to address climate change if he’s elected. "We are 30 years behind where we should be in terms of technologies that could radically reduce emissions in traditional energy," Mues said. In an interview this week, Mues was critical of Daines' votes on several issues, as well as the Republican senator's allegiance to President Donald Trump. It's a departure from the approach U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, a Democrat who won reelection in 2018, took in highlighting the times Trump signed Tester's legislation, even as Trump came to the state four times to campaign for his opponent. Read More

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Democrat John Mues launches campaign for U.S. Senate

A second Democrat has entered Montana’s 2020 U.S. Senate race. John Mues, an engineer and military veteran from Loma, told the Chronicle Wednesday that he’s running on a platform that emphasizes creating high-paying jobs in the state, investing in education and tackling climate change. Read More