Silver State Post Endorses John Mues for U.S. Senate

U.S. Senate candidate John Mues’ announcement video:

Mues better represents Montana values.

You need look no further than his candidacy announcement video to see Deer Lodge and Powell County holds special importance to U.S. Senate hopeful John Mues. Which makes sense, raised in Montana, Mues lived and attended school in Deer Lodge as well as numerous other Montana communities before heading to Annapolis to serve his county as an officer in the U.S. Navy.

John is well positioned to help lead our state’s energy transformation. Rather than repeat current events in Northeast Wyoming that resulted in massive layoffs and huge cuts to schools and counties, he supports a diversified energy economy utilizing Montana’s vast renewable resources. He’s a proponent for our public lands, senior citizen rights, veterans and the distinct groups of workers, ranchers, farmers, public servants and business owners who make Montana their home.

While his active duty service in the military and a MBA from the London Business School are certainly relevant to his credibility as a senator, it’s his work as a teacher on the Ft. Belknap Indian Reservation that truly exemplifies John’s Western Values.

That spirit of integrity, community, service and empathy that we value among our neighbors is sorely absent in Senator Steve Daines, who is more than willing to vilify half the population of our state. Unlike Daines, John lives the rural Montana lifestyle and calls Loma home.

It’s early in the campaign season and based on the last general election, it’s bound to be a long dirty grind. Still, it’s good to know one of our Senate candidates will aim the jabs towards his opponent and not his constituents.

-Jesse Mullen, Owner, Silver State Post